harmonically converge

To “harmonically converge” in astrological/New Age terms, means to create a synchronized intention of human spirit combined with the spiritual force of the universe. The concept of harmonic convergence became well-known to the world after August 1987, when newspapers and magazines ran huge articles on the 'New Age" activities that took place at Mt. Shasta in California. One event was called the Harmonic Convergence, and attendees at the time believed that the gathering was to have ushered in a NEW AGE of love and unity of humanity on Earth, through transformation of a spiritual kind.

That was in 1987.  Harmonic convergence came and went... and here we are.

It was a book, The Mayan Factor, by Jose Arguelles that got the word out to people about the transformation taking place and urged them to participate. Arguelles, who said he got "inside information" from Quetzalcoatl the Mayan, from the spirit world, laid everything out in his book.  People read it and were talking about it and the rest, well, the rest is now history....

People then came to the vortex spot in California from all over the world. They gathered, (or rather, converged in time and space,) for prayer, meditation, songs, and danced, all in the New Age, Mayan, “spirit” of Quetzalcoatl, (of course,) and found themselves doing all sorts of new age things, intending to create a better world of course.

And, here we are.

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was a special event, but New Age "convergences" have taken place since then on other occasions and in various “mystical places.” They have been held in Sedona Arizona, at Mt. Kilamanjaro, Africa; and Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii, to name a few. Events like these happen frequently and when they do they frequently attract those interested in occult ideas and new age philosophies, things like reincarnation, channeling, astrology, and various forms of mysticism and mystery religions.

Time magazine ran a religious sounding article the same month as this Shasta convergence highlighting Arguelles, calling him “the prophet of the New Age.” The word going around then was that, “the "materialistic" world would end on Aug. 16 -- when three planets lined up with the new moon --that is,  unless "144,000 true believers' gathered in various "sacred sites" around the world and "resonated" sufficiently to bring on a new age of peace and harmony.”

Apparently it didn't work.  Years later, I am writing this anyhow and you... you are reading this as well as the evening news.

Arguelles is still around and apparently is still serious about his work.  He is not simply an unknown individual with no people to influence with his religious ideas. His biographies say he holds a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Chicago and has taught at many well-known universities. He is also a prolific writer. His written works include: The Mayan Factor, (1987); Earth Ascending,(1988) and Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs. (2002) As the “prophet of the New Age”Arguelles claims it is time for the world to return to UR.

Do you remember UR?

You remember, do you not, that God called Abram out of UR... called him to a promised land, flowing with milk and honey. The NEw Age call is to return to UR, which very well may be an acronym for  the place of "Universal Religion."

The times have changed since way back in 1987.  Even Arguelles has now renounced the man he used to be (Jose Arguelles) and he has adopted a new identity for today.  His name is now Valum Votan and he now works intimately with the Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time an organization that currently works to promote a universal shift in human consciousness in the year 2012, based on the Mayan calendar of Quetzalcoatl, of course.

Since the time of the first Harmonic Convergence, Arguelles has been interested in the Mayan Culture and their calendar. He believes that mankind needs to change the way they perceive time, and he calls for calendar reform. He says that we need to return to a natural sense of time, which he says, equates to the Mayan-inspired Thirteen-Moon calendar.

According to Votan (aka Arguelles) the Mayan believed that a “Great Cycle began in 3113 BCE and ends in 2012 CE” — a period of human history referred to as "civilization," (meaning "living in cities.")

Arguelles argues that the first city, Uruk (a cognate of Iraq), came into existence about 3113 BC and he says we humans need to stop trying to align ourselves to the Gregorian calendar, which is he believes, merely a mental concept of arranging things  Instead, he believes, humanity should go back to aligning ourselves with the true cycles of the sun and moon.

Arguelles, (now Votan,) teaches his followers that  “Re-harmonizing ourselves with the cosmos will result in the formation of the noosphere, the earth's mental envelope, with implicit telepathic awareness for humanity." As New Agers, people believe it is something new, but really it is a very old idea, like the Mayan Calendar, and as you probably know, the Voltan idea of "calendar reform" is nothing new either.  It's a concept that has been discussed and done before.

There have been several times in human history that the calendars have been modified. Julius Caesar did it in 45 BC, (causing the "Year of Confusion" and resulting in the "Ides of March.") Pope Gregory did it too in 1582, (although it took a long time to be adopted by everyone, with Russia officially going “Gregorian” in 1917 and Greece in 1923.) There have been suggestion made for calendar reform by George Eastman, president of the Kodak Company, Elisabeth Achelis, founder of the World Calendar Society and Dr. Irv Bromberg, who’s calendar puts Easter on a fixed day every year. Even the United Nations has considered implementing calendar reform.  Argueles just doesn't have an original idea here, even if one calls it "NEW".

The world is still hoping to harmonically converge somewhere.  They just refuse to converge at the cross of Jesus Christ.  The place where east meets west, up meets down and God turns everything upside down upright.  He even, really makes everything NEW... in his time, according to his plan and his very own way and purpose.  Than answer to humanity is to know the one that made us.  Jesus Christ, for in him dwells the fullness of God, the deity.  He became man and dwelt among us.

New Agers still say that something wil l happen on earth when the Mayan Calendar ends... this would be 2012... and if Argueles, I mean Voltan is right, like he was in 1987, then the cosmic energy flow will be just right, again and something particularly spiritually powerful will happen here on planet earth, just like it did back then.


  1. On Dec. 21, 2012 history will end or a new age will begin in the Mayan calendar. Either way, let’s change our calendar: http://sn.im/2012cal

  2. Thanks for your comment Stephen.