Helena Blavatsky

Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) or Madame Blavatsky (or HPB as she is sometimes referred to) was the first Russian Woman ever to gain United States citizenship, but that is not what she is best known for. Her name is notable because much of occultism in the world today can be traced back to her.

It was 1875 in New York when a group called “the Miracle Club” began to meet regularly and one of those people was Helena Blavatsky.  It was a group that met to perform seances and talk to the dead, mostly because it was a curious thing to do in that day and age and the people in the group were anti-materialist, perhaps even looking for a way to create the perfect world.  There were about 20 people, originally member of this group who later forms another group, the Theosophical Society, a group headed by Blavatsky and dedicated to the study of the spiritual... aka, occult. They named the group theosophy, or .“theos” “sophia,” meaning, wisdom of God. Eventually this group disbanded, because of the lack of intereting things taking place in the meetings, except for Blavatsky and a man named Henry S Olcott.

In 1879 the two traveled to India to delve more into the spirituality they thought they had discovered, and three years later, in 1882 they established the International headquarters of the Theosophical society in India.  They began publishing information about the occult and it wasn't long before the Theosophical Society became popular, because people were easily fascinated by the mysterious concepts, attracted to it were some of the wealthier types who thought it all to be quite fashionable.

Blavatsky, according to Marion Meade, her biographer, rejected orthodox Christianity all her life, beginning at an early age. Blavatsky had what Marion (who was not a theosophist,) called "a venomous hatred of Christianity."  She was also a prolific writer and  published many works including, Isis Unveiled, (1877); The Key to Theosophy, (1889); The Voice of the Silence, (1899); Nightmare Tales, (1892); and The Theosophical Glossary, (1892)

Blavatsky most recognized work is called the Secret Doctrine. (1888.) It is a two-volume collection of fragments of information about cosmic, planetary, and human evolution, as well as science, religion, and mythology. The information it contains is supposedly from another source, a book called the Stanzas of Dzyan that was 'shown' to her in the air before her eyes as the Akashic Records. (Dzyan means mystic meditation.) In other words, Blavasky, like so many others got her “wisdom” and information from occult sources.

The Theosophy Society today boasts that famed people such as Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Annie Besant, Jawaharlal Nehru, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Alice Bailey, William Butler Yeats, L. Frank Baum, Aleister Crowley, Guy Ballard, Rudolf Steiner took an interest in the group at one time or another. It has made it’s way into many minds around the world. Even Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert Kennedy, reportedly requested to read Blavasky’s books in prison.

A man named C W Leadbeater reworked Blavatsky’s concepts into what became known as called the .“Adyar-Theosophy” Another man, Rudolph Steiner, also influenced by her began his Anthroposophical Society and Waldorf Schools. One couple, Guy and Edna Ballard left Theosophy and started their “I Am” Mt. Shasta Religious Activity group. Theosophical Society was not an obscure group, it was quite well known and had far reaching tentacles that left Blavasky's mark upon the religious world, and one of those marks is the belief in a mystical place called Thule and Vril  that she made known to the world.

Thule, or Ultima Thule is supposedly a place beyond the known world where it is rumored that a race of giant supermen live. Lore says that these beings, (through magical powers and their special occult knowledge) could create a new super race. Blavatsky called them Atlanteans, which sounds like they may have been associated with Atlantis, the legendary city that disappeared into the bottom of the sea long ago. But most importantly we know that it is this Society, this brotherhood and the legend of Thule that birthed Nazism and the belief of an Aryan peoples into the world.

Hitler, though not on the Theosophical Societies official Roster, was very much interested in it. He, and his associates, Deitrich Eckart, Rudolph Hess, Wilhelm Frick and other well-known Nazi leaders like Alfred Rosenberg were rumored to be “members” in Thule, Blavasky's secret society, and it's no surprise since the concept of such a place held promise of a master race, which to the Nazi’s, aka Hitler and friends, were the equivalent of  what they commonly called  “Aryans.”

Thulists may have met secretly, but it was also no secret that Hitler condemned the orthodox beliefs of Protestant and Catholic churches, just like Blavatsky did.   Anyone who has lived through or studied German history and the life of Adolph Hitler knows that the primary struggle of this supposed super Aryan race was against Judaism, the God they embraced (and what Hitler,) even though he had been raised to believe in God as he was "Catholic," called “negative Christianity.”

Blavatsky is not alone in her thinking, experimentations and spiritual hunger or beliefs.Today we see people all over the world not only infatuated with Hinduism and Buddhism, mysticism and magic but every sort of occult practice.  The not only think nothing of it, but they sell it to others.  We also see a lot of what is commonly thought of as "positive Christianity" (not the NEGATIVE kind) We see, "positive thinking" movements, people looking at things like life in a “positive” light and know it or not they are following blissfully in the footsteps of Blavatsky, Crowley Levey, Stiener, and Besant, even Hitler.  Many people today even think that Anton Levey and his brand of Satanism is “cool.”

We see New Spirituality emerging on the planet along with every form of occult practices, and they are even being done is what is called, the Church.  There seems to be a lack in of faith, a rebellion of the old, a discarding of the truth and a hatred for someone, or something known down through the ages as God.

Parents embrace the strange notion that their difficult children might Indigo, as they come home from work and practice transcendental meditation in the living room channel spirits that tell them to soul travel into “other dimensions” or perform macabre rituals in the dark hoping to connect with, or to become rulers of their own universes.  Some even think that they are “God”.  It’s a New Age, NEw World, an “all-inclusive” spiritual brotherhood of occultic proportion that claims it will give us earthlings “peace.” Unfortunately it all has little or nothing in common with the true and living God.

There is a simple equation that goes like this: Know Jesus, Know Peace; No Jesus, No Peace. 
PEACE on Earth?
The only answer to peace on earth, good will to men, is Jesus.

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